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Reliable Walk-In Coolers for Your Catering Needs

When you’re catering an event, you either need to continually run back and forth between the nearest cooler (which may not be convenient) or try and keep everything cool using smaller ice chests. There is also a chance that the refrigeration system you are using may break down.

Whatever your particular issue is, our catering refrigeration can come to the rescue. Catering refrigeration is essential for keeping food fresh, safe, and lasting as needed. Since caterers open cooler doors more often than a home kitchen, using the correct cooler is important. At Coolit!, our catering refrigeration coolers are robust enough for a range of needs.

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Understanding Catering Refrigeration and Its Benefits

Catering refrigeration is a specialized form of refrigeration designed to meet the unique needs of the catering industry. Unlike regular household or commercial refrigeration units, catering refrigeration is specifically tailored to accommodate the demands of catering events, parties, weddings, and other large gatherings where food preparation and storage require careful attention.

Catering refrigeration is a specialized solution that caters to the specific demands of the catering industry. With its unique temperature range, portability, and customized features, catering refrigeration plays a vital role in preserving food quality, meeting food safety standards, and ensuring seamless food service during catering events of all sizes. Its versatility and efficiency make it an indispensable asset for caterers seeking to deliver exceptional culinary experiences for their clients.

Key Differences Between Catering and Regular Refrigeration

Enhanced Temperature Control for Catering Demands

One of the key differences between catering refrigeration and regular refrigeration lies in the temperature range and storage capacity. Catering refrigeration units are engineered to maintain a broader temperature range, allowing them to handle both cold and hot food items effectively. These units are designed to store large quantities of perishable food safely, ensuring that food remains at optimal temperatures for extended periods, even in diverse environmental conditions.

Designed for Mobility: Refrigeration on the Go

Another significant distinction is the portability and versatility of catering refrigeration. Caterers often need to transport food and beverages to various locations, including outdoor venues and off-site events. Catering refrigeration units are built with mobility in mind, featuring robust casters, handles, and lightweight materials for easy transportation. Additionally, they are often equipped with features like quick-chill modes and rapid temperature recovery to ensure food safety during transit.

Optimized Storage Solutions for Efficient Catering

Catering refrigeration is designed with specialized storage and organization features that caterers find indispensable. Interior configurations include adjustable shelves, pan slides, and compartments specifically designed to accommodate different types of food containers, trays, and pans commonly used in the catering industry. These design elements facilitate efficient organization and quick access to food items during hectic catering events.

Flexible Refrigeration Rentals for Every Event Size

While regular refrigeration units are typically permanent fixtures in homes and commercial establishments, catering refrigeration offers the flexibility of temporary usage. Caterers can rent refrigeration units to cater specific events, minimizing costs and maximizing efficiency. This rental option allows them to scale up or down their refrigeration needs based on the event's size and scope.

Quiet and Energy-Efficient Refrigeration for Events

Since catering events can take place in various environments, including indoor spaces and outdoor venues, catering refrigeration units are designed with energy efficiency in mind. They are equipped with features to conserve energy and reduce power consumption, ensuring that caterers can rely on them throughout the event without worrying about power constraints. Additionally, catering refrigeration units are designed to operate quietly, ensuring that the atmosphere remains undisturbed during service.


  • Flexible Long and Short Term Rentals
  • Ground Level Access
  • State of the Art Technology
  • Electric Powered and Cost Effective

Using Coolit! for Your Catering Refrigeration Needs

Are you seeking the right catering refrigeration solution for your business? At Coolit!, we provide portable cold storage for all types of catering services. Since 2008, we have worked with numerous clients to ensure the ideal catering solutions for large and small events.

Benefits of working with our team include:

  • Well-maintained air-conditioned and refrigerated containers for optimal performance
  • Coolers that have plenty of room for perishable items
  • Provide seamless delivery and transportation through our reliable drivers
  • Dedicated employees committed to your success
  • Affordable and customizable solutions for business owners

Our clients regularly utilize our dependable services. We are dedicated to nurturing business relationships every step of the way to provide temperature-controlled storage for our trusted clients time and time again. Whether you need air-conditioned containers or refrigerated walk-in coolers, we provide the unique solutions that matter. We make portable freezer rentals as easy as possible for you. For superior cooling solutions, look no further than Coolit!

Call (877) 960-1377 or contact us online at your earliest convenience to learn more about renting for catering refrigeration.

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