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Floral Refrigeration

There is nothing like a beautiful floral arrangement to bring a little extra magic to an event space, or to brighten someone’s day. A flower cooler is essential when it comes to maintaining the appearance and the longevity of flowers.

Floral refrigeration plays an integral role in promoting healthy flower life, which is why floral coolers are so important - especially in the floral business. If you are searching for the right floral refrigeration to keep your plants in prime condition to design and deliver, look no further than Coolit! Our refrigerators for flowers are trusted by numerous local businesses.

Quality Floral Coolers

A flower cooler plays a central role in your floral business because:

  • Flowers need a stable environment with high humidity and some air movement
  • Expanding the shelf life of the flowers means less product is discarded
  • Flower quality is an essential component in maintaining your business reputation
  • Reducing the cost of maintaining flowers keeps overall product costs down

Call Coolit! to schedule a drop off of flower cooler rental at (877) 960-1377 or send us a message online. A representative will be available to answer your call 24/7.


  • Flexible Long and Short Term Rentals
  • Ground Level Access
  • State of the Art Technology
  • Electric Powered and Cost Effective

Flower Cooler Rentals

Quality Floral Cooler

Our trusted flower cooler rentals here at Coolit Cold Storage Rentals come in a variety of styles and sizes. It is important to keep in mind the space in which you will install the cooler, to get the right cooler for your measurements. Another thing to keep in mind is the number of flowers that you wish to store inside the cooler at once. Flowers can be delicate and need the appropriate spacing to ensure health and longevity.

The last thing you want is having to cramp up many flowers at once. Not only is this detrimental for flower health, but it also looks less appealing to potential clients. Our experts have helped to install numerous flower coolers and can help you with your decision concerning the sizing for your floral refrigeration. We want to help you make the most out of your space with the right floral cooler.

What Are the Benefits of Floral Refrigeration?

Flowers are delicate and perishable, requiring optimal conditions to maintain their freshness, vibrancy, and longevity. Floral refrigeration plays a crucial role in preserving the beauty and quality of cut flowers, ensuring that they remain at their best from the moment they are harvested to the moment they reach their intended recipients.

Let's explore the key benefits of using flower storage fridges:

  • Extended Vase Life: Floral refrigeration is designed to maintain a consistent temperature and humidity level, which helps extend the vase life of cut flowers. By slowing down the aging process and reducing water loss through transpiration, floral refrigeration can significantly increase the longevity of floral arrangements, allowing them to remain fresh and vibrant for a longer period.
  • Optimal Temperature Control: Floral refrigeration units are specially calibrated to maintain the ideal temperature range for storing flowers. This controlled environment prevents flowers from being exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations, which can lead to wilting, discoloration, or premature decay.
  • Preservation of Freshness and Aroma: Floral refrigeration preserves the natural freshness and fragrance of flowers. By minimizing exposure to external elements and pollutants, floral refrigerators keep the floral inventory in peak condition, ensuring that customers receive flowers that are both visually appealing and pleasantly scented.
  • Reduced Bacterial Growth: A key advantage of floral refrigeration is its ability to inhibit bacterial growth on the stems and petals of cut flowers. The controlled temperature and humidity conditions create an inhospitable environment for bacteria, minimizing the risk of contamination and extending the life of the flowers.
  • Enhanced Floral Presentation: Floral refrigeration allows florists to store and organize a wide variety of flowers and arrangements, enabling them to offer a diverse and attractive selection to customers. By maintaining the pristine appearance of the blooms, floral refrigeration ensures that each arrangement looks its best when presented to clients.
  • Flexible Inventory Management: Floral refrigeration provides florists with the flexibility to stock and store seasonal and specialty flowers. This capability allows them to accommodate specific customer requests and handle larger orders for special events without compromising on quality or variety.
  • Support for Floral Business Growth: With proper floral refrigeration, floral businesses can extend their product offerings, expand their customer base, and enhance their reputation for delivering fresh and top-quality floral arrangements. The ability to maintain inventory for longer periods also reduces waste and enhances overall business efficiency.
  • Catering to Peak Seasons and Events: Floral refrigeration enables florists to prepare in advance for peak floral seasons and events, such as weddings, holidays, and special occasions. Having a well-maintained floral refrigerator ensures an adequate supply of fresh flowers to meet the demands of these busy periods.

Floral refrigeration is an absolute asset for florists and floral businesses seeking to provide exceptional floral arrangements to their customers. By offering extended vase life, maintaining freshness, and supporting efficient inventory management, floral refrigeration plays a vital role in delivering the beauty and splendor of flowers to recipients across various occasions.

What Are The Dangers of Avoiding Floral Refrigeration Services?

Avoiding floral refrigeration services can lead to significant problems. Without proper refrigeration, flowers wilt quickly, losing their freshness and beauty. This can result in unsellable stock, causing financial losses for florists. Additionally, spoiled flowers can damage a business's reputation, as customers expect high-quality, fresh arrangements.

Furthermore, certain flowers are highly sensitive and need specific temperatures to stay fresh, and without refrigeration, their shelf life is drastically reduced. In summary, neglecting floral refrigeration can lead to wasted inventory, financial setbacks, and dissatisfied customers.

What Is The Ideal Temperature For Floral Refrigeration?

The ideal temperature for floral refrigeration is between 34 to 36 degrees Fahrenheit. This cool range helps keep flowers fresh and beautiful for a longer time. It slows down the wilting process and helps maintain the flowers' vibrant colors and shapes. Keeping flowers at this temperature ensures they stay in the best condition until they are ready to be used or sold.

Choosing the Right Flower Storage Fridge

Why do I need a specialized fridge for flowers?

Flowers require precise temperature control and humidity to stay fresh. Our flower storage fridges at Coolit! maintain optimal conditions, ensuring your blooms stay vibrant and last longer.

How does temperature impact flower freshness?

Temperature affects flower metabolism. Our fridges maintain an ideal range, slowing down aging processes and preserving the freshness and beauty of your flowers.

What makes Coolit! flower storage fridges unique?

Our fridges are designed with cutting-edge technology, providing consistent cooling and humidity levels. Trust Coolit! for reliable, specialized storage that keeps your flowers looking stunning.

Can these fridges accommodate different types of flowers?

Absolutely! Our flower storage fridges are versatile and customizable, catering to various floral varieties. Whether you have delicate roses or hardy sunflowers, Coolit! has you covered.

How can I ensure the longevity of my flowers in the fridge?

Proper organization is key. Store flowers in appropriate containers, trim stems regularly, and keep the fridge clean. Follow our expert tips for an extended lifespan and enduring beauty.

Count on Coolit! to provide top-notch flower storage solutions, tailored to meet the unique needs of homeowners and business owners in the area.

A Trusted Name in the Refrigeration Business

Flower Shop Business

For the convenience of our clients, we utilize a proprietary platform to ensure quick and efficient delivery of our refrigeration containers. Florists turn to our team due to our reputation for high-quality, efficient coolers and affordable pricing. We are proud to serve our community and maintain trust in our products.

When you need to keep flowers fresh and vibrant, the last thing you need is a faulty floral refrigerator that ruins your product. Our floral refrigeration services benefit from team members dedicated to the success of your business. Our portable cold storage team works with you to provide the right refrigeration for your needs and provide fair pricing that can fit your cooling budget.

Receive top-notch services from our flower cooler rental team at Coolit! by calling (877) 960-1377 or contacting us online!

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