Refrigerated Storage Solutions in Your Area for Exporters & Meat/Dairy Industries

Essential Refrigeration Services for Global Exporters

At Cool It!, we customize our refrigeration, freezer, and cooling solutions for every industry. Our team has years of experience working with an extensive list of clients in virtually every sector. We take great pride in accommodating every refrigeration request. Our team will help you with every phase of the installation process – from transporting to setting up your refrigerator/freezer. When you’re finished with your rental or want to move locations, let us know, and we will be there without delay!

One sector we serve is exporters. Exporters are responsible for transporting goods, including perishable foods and medical supplies/vaccines, from one country to another. This transfer of goods doesn’t take place overnight. International trade can take time, and that’s where refrigeration comes into play. Let us safely and sufficiently refrigerate your exports with short-term, medium-term, and long-term rentals.

Advanced Meat & Dairy Cold Storage Solutions

Refrigeration is critical when it comes to food. Meat and dairy are two types of food that always require top-notch cooling solutions. Bacteria will grow and thrive quickly when these foods are stored in the danger zone (the temperature range between 40–140°F). To keep your meat and dairy safe, you’ll need to ensure your perishables stay out of this danger zone.

Fortunately, Cool It!’s cold storage units are your trusted solution! Our cost-effective and energy-efficient cooling units include walk-in coolers, freezers, and much more! Let our team guide you through selecting the perfect cold storage unit today!

Contact Us for Reliable Cold Storage Solutions

Need cold storage for your meat, dairy, or perishable exports? Call (877) 960-1377 anytime!


  • Flexible Long and Short Term Rentals
  • Ground Level Access
  • State of the Art Technology
  • Electric Powered and Cost Effective

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