Coolit! Commercial Refrigerator

Got a Failing Commercial Refrigerator? Call on Coolit!

If the refrigerator in your home stops working all of a sudden, odds are the worst that happens is that a few of your groceries begin to spoil. But if the refrigerator in your restaurant starts to fail, that could spell disaster for your inventory, business, and bottom line.

Whether you notice your commercial refrigerator is starting to fail or it suddenly stopped working out of the blue, call on Cool It!.

Commercial Cooling Solutions for Your Restaurant

Unfortunately, even the best-kept commercial refrigerator won’t last forever. If your unit begins failing, you may notice:

Spoiled Food

A commercial refrigerator doesn’t just hold food — it keeps it fresh and safe to eat. If your unit can’t reach the temperatures it once did, you run the risk of having to throw out food that would otherwise still be good. And because of this, you may not be able to seat your restaurant to capacity.

Increased Energy Bills

Older commercial units tend to use a lot more power than today’s eco-friendly options. So while the cost may be a bit more, a new commercial refrigerator will likely save you money in the long-run. The only problem is, restaurants often can’t fill their new refrigerator the day it’s delivered because it needs time to reach ideal temperatures.

If you’re planning to install a new refrigerator in your restaurant, trust Cool It! to keep your food safe until the new unit is up and running.

At Cool It!, our goal is to make things easier for you. If you’re renting a walk-in freezer or portable cold storage, we can deliver it to your location and pick it up the moment you’re done. Cool It! uses the trusted services of Go Mini’s and is available 24/7 by phone.

Give us a call at (877) 960-1377 if you need more information about our walk in coolers or to place a rental order!