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How Restaurants Can Reduce Their Energy Costs

Opening a restaurant comes with a pretty specific set of costs that need to be considered. And one of the larger expenses a restaurant owner has to factor in is commercial refrigeration and cooling. Because cooking equipment generates a great deal of heat, cooling costs are always some of the biggest expenses that restaurants encounter.

Lowering Your Restaurant’s Energy Costs

Typically, refrigeration makes up between 10 and 20 percent of a restaurant’s overall energy usage. However, an old or damaged refrigerator can drive up your energy bill and affect the overall quality of your restaurant.

Signs Your Commercial Refrigerator Needs to Be Replaced

There comes a point where your commercial refrigerator will succumb to natural wear and tear. And while some small issues can be fixed, it’s sometimes more cost-effective to purchase a new unit rather than constantly put money into more repairs.

If you’re noticing any of the below, it may be time to invest in a new commercial refrigerator:

  • Spoiling food. Refrigerators have one of the most important jobs in a commercial kitchen — they keep all of your inventory safe and fresh. If the refrigerator starts to fail, you’ll likely also notice profit loss thanks to spoiling food.
  • Spike in your energy usage. While it’s normal for a restaurant’s energy bill to fluctuate month to month, a dramatic increase in energy usage could be attributed to a failing commercial cooler.
  • Old age. Depending on the size and model, the average commercial refrigerator will last anywhere from 10 to 17 years. While the initial cost of a new unit will likely be more expensive than a repair, new models tend to be much more energy-efficient. Within a few months, you’ll likely see a drop in your energy bill.

When Transitioning Commercial Refrigerators, Call on Cool It!

If you recently noticed your commercial unit is starting to fail, you’ll likely need to spend a few days researching other options, placing an order, and waiting for it to be delivered. During that time, it’s important to still keep your food cold and ready to be served.

While waiting for your new unit, let Cool It! help keep your restaurant up and running. Each of our commercial coolers is designed to be energy-efficient, and temperatures can be adjusted at any time to meet your products’ needs.

At Cool It!, our goal is to make things easier for you. If you’re renting a walk-in freezer or portable cold storage, we can deliver it to your location and pick it up the moment you’re done. Cool It! uses the trusted services of Go Mini’s and is available 24/7 by phone.

Give us a call at (877) 960-1377 if you need more information about our walk in coolers or to place a rental order!