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How Coolit! Helps Businesses Across The Country

It can be easy to assume that cold storage for commercial businesses is a relatively new idea. But would you believe that we’ve been helping businesses across the country since 2008? In our 14 years of business, we’ve helped businesses in every corner of the country reach their goals.

How Cool It! Can Help Your Business Thrive

The Restaurant Industry

Restaurants rely on cold storage for every aspect of their business. From the way food tastes to whether it’s safe to eat, a broken refrigerator is so much more than an inconvenience. When restaurant owners learn that their refrigerator suddenly stopped working or they’re waiting on a new unit to arrive, they call on Cool It!

The Floral industry

In order for flowers to grow and look their best, they have to be kept at specific temperatures and humidity levels. Without proper refrigeration, flowers will wilt well before they should.

The Catering Industry

Catering is an on-the-go job that requires business owners to adapt to new circumstances at a moment’s notice. Especially over the past few years, when many people moved their catered events outdoors due to COVID-19, caterers have had to find a way to provide fresh food that’s safe to eat while in a park or someone’s backyard.

The Baking Industry

Bakeries are known for having some of the freshest warm pastries you can buy. But before they can be sold, every cake, croissant, cookie, and ingredient needs to be kept refrigerated.

Just like in a restaurant, quality refrigeration keeps food looking as good as it tastes.

We Have Five Main Locations Across the Country

With locations across the country — Los Angelis, Augusta, Denver, the Bay Area, and Salt Lake City — business owners are never far from trusted, portable cold storage. Whether you have a planned event coming up or your refrigerator unexpectedly stops working overking, we can help keep your business up and running.

At Cool It!, our goal is to make things easier for you. If you’re renting a walk-in freezer or portable cold storage, we can deliver it to your location and pick it up the moment you’re done. Give us a call at (877) 960-1377 if you need more information about our walk-in coolers or to place a rental order!