A commercial refrigerator.

How to Properly Clean and Disinfect Your Commercial Refrigerator

No matter what type of business you run, if you have a commercial refrigerator, it needs to be kept clean at all times. Many food establishments rely on cleanliness, not only to keep their customers happy, but also to ensure there is no mold or bacteria growing on their food. Food that has gone bad can’t be served to customers, so it’s important to make sure your commercial fridge is being kept clean and sanitized at all times.

In this blog, Cool It! will be sharing a few tips on how to properly clean and disinfect your commercial refrigerator. Keep on reading to find out!

Step 1: Remove Everything from Your Refrigerator

Before you clean your fridge, you’ll need to remove everything that is currently in it. So, any food that is expired needs to be thrown away, and all other food containers should be placed somewhere else outside the refrigerator.

Step 2: Unplug the Refrigerator

Once everything is removed, you’ll want to unplug the fridge before you start cleaning it to prevent any possibility of electrocution or electric shock. This might seem like an obvious step, but we’re including it here to make sure that no injuries related to cleaning the fridge occur.

Step 3: Grab Some Water, Soap, and a Sponge

Once your refrigerator is empty and unplugged, it’s time to start scrubbing it down. Fill up a bucket with warm water and soap and grab a sponge to start wiping it down. If there are any tight corners you can’t seem to thoroughly clean, a toothbrush is a great option because the bristles are strong enough to scrub excess stains, but also small enough to fit in tiny areas. After everything is cleaned, rinse away any remaining soap with warm water.

Step 4: Use a Food-Safe Sanitizer

To get rid of any other bacteria or mold, use a food-safe sanitizer to disinfect the fridge. Since everything is already clean from the soap and water, you don’t have to use an excessive amount of sanitizer.

Cool It! knows how important your commercial refrigerator is to your business, which is why it’s crucial for it to be clean and thoroughly working at all times. If you’ve recently dealt with a broken down commercial fridge, our team can help! Give us a call at (877) 960-1377 or fill out our online contact form to speak with one of our team members today.