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How to Avoid Food Waste in Your Commercial Refrigerator

Working to Avoid Food Waste

Commercial refrigerators are important for any restaurant. Not only do they keep food cold and fresh, but they also help to preserve it. Unfortunately, many restaurants struggle with food waste in their refrigerators. This can be a costly mistake, as it wastes both food and money.

Here are a few tips from the Cool It! team that will keep your refrigerator organized and lead to less waste.

Stay Organized

It may seem like a no-brainer, but one of the best ways to avoid food waste is to keep your refrigerator organized. This means taking inventory of what you have and what needs to be used first and arranging it in such a way that is clear for the entire team

Many restaurants find it helpful to label their food so that staff can easily see when something was made or by what date it must be used. This will help to ensure that food is used in a timely manner and prevent it from going bad.

In addition to labeling food, it’s also important to keep track of how much you have of each item. This can be done by writing it down on a whiteboard or keeping a running tally on your computer. This will help you to order only what you need and avoid overstocking your refrigerator.

Monitor Temperature Settings

Another way to limit food waste is to monitor the temperature settings on your commercial refrigerator. This is important because if the temperature is too high or too low, food can spoil. If you find your commercial refrigerator is having temperature fluctuation issues, it may be in need of repairs.

While out of commission, our cold storage units make a great temporary solution for your restaurant's refrigeration needs!

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Don't Overfill the Refrigerator

Many restaurants make the mistake of overstuffing their refrigerator. Not only does this throw a wrench in your organization system, but it can also limit circulation and lead to shorter food shelf life.

Leave some space in your refrigerator, including on top shelves and on the floor, so that air can circulate and cool everything evenly.

Cold Storage Rentals

If you're dealing with a commercial refrigerator breakdown, or are in need of additional cold storage, our team can help! Find your local Cool It! and speak to one of our team members about your needs.