Coolit! truck delivering refrigerated unit

4 Features Found in a Coolit! Refrigerator

Renting portable refrigerator units may seem like a relatively new business, but would you believe that we’ve been doing this since 2008! With over a decade of experience under our belt, we’ve learned a few things about what makes the perfect walk-in cooler.

The Benefits of Renting with Cool It!!

1. Two sizes to choose from!

Here at Cool It!, we offer two different sized walk-in units — Coolit-10’ and the “Big” Coolit-20’. All of our units feature dual-compressors which allow the same unit to be used as a refrigerator or a freezer.

  • Coolit-10’ Walk-in coolers keep food at refrigerated or freezing temperatures. They are big enough for most jobs and small enough to fit into a small parking lot or inside a small warehouse.
  • Coolit-20’ Walk-in coolers are designed for the bigger jobs and feature pallet-size door openings which are capable of using pallet-jacks for loading and unloading.

Both “Coolit” Refrigerated Walk-in coolers feature dual-compressor units. Depending on what you need to store, you may have to switch from refrigerator to freezer (and vice versa). Rather than renting two units, you can take advantage of our dual-compressor refrigerators whose temperatures can be digitally changed from our remote home-office.

2. Camera security and 24/7 monitoring.

Every single Cool It! unit comes equipped with a camera facing the door. Not only do cameras act as a deterrent, but they also capture all activity around your unit and store that footage in our cloud-based system.

We also offer 24/7 monitoring of your unit. Should the temperature of your refrigerator change (we’ve noticed this happen when the door is accidentally left open), we’ll let you know right away!

3. Easy-to-use ramps.

When you’re the only one on-site and need to fill your unit, you’ll quickly realize how important it is to have a ramp. Thanks to this simple addition to every unit, you can easily roll hundreds of pounds of food, flowers, medical equipment, and anything else you need to keep cool and safe.

4. Cost-effective electric power.

Because Cool It! commercial refrigerators rely on electric power, they’re both cost-effective and better for the environment.

At Cool It!, our goal is to make things easier for you. If you’re renting a walk-in freezer or portable cold storage, we can deliver it to your location and pick it up the moment you’re done. Cool It! uses the trusted services of Go Mini’s and is available 24/7 by phone.

Give us a call at (877) 960-1377 if you need more information about our walk-in coolers or to place a rental order!