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Ordering a Coolit! Container: How it Works

Have you ever walked into work, only to find that your commercial refrigerator isn’t staying cold anymore? Are you moving your catering business outside and in need of a cold storage unit? Do you run a flower business and need additional cold storage?

There are plenty of reasons why business owners find themselves in need of cold storage. Whether because of an unforeseeable accident or because your business is growing, we’re here to help!

Ordering a Cold Storage Container Through Cool It!

We understand how busy business owners are, which is why we’ve made the ordering and delivery process as simple and effortless as possible.

Give Us a Call

Whether you know exactly what you want and are ready to place an order, or you’ve got a few questions, just pick up the phone and give us a call. During your call, we’ll discuss:

  • Why you’re in need of cold storage. In order to make sure we’re providing the best service; we’ll first make sure we understand your business and storage needs.
  • Which of our units would best fit your needs. We currently offer units in two sizes — the Coolit-10’ Walk-in cooler and the Coolit-20’ Walk-in cooler. Each unit is capable of keeping goods at refrigerated or freezing temperatures. The size you choose largely depends on what type of inventory you’re storing and how much.
  • When and where you’d like your unit dropped off. Using Go Mini’s platform, we’ll deliver your unit to your place of business or wherever else you may need it (parking lot, park, banquet hall, etc.).

Day of Delivery

On the day your Cool It! unit is delivered, we ask that you be there in person to accept it. Our technicians will also give you a quick review of how the unit works, discuss its features, and answer any questions you may have.

Cool It! FAQs

Do I need to know my pick-up date before renting?

Not at all! If you know the date you want your Cool It! container picked up, we can schedule it on your initial call. Or, you can give us a call whenever you no longer need it and we’ll come by within just a few days to pick it up.

How quickly can I have a unit delivered?

If you know the date(s) that you need a unit, we ask that you call a few days before — this will ensure that we have the unit you need, and it can be delivered for a specific occasion. But we also understand that many of our customers are bakery and restaurant owners who need a unit immediately because their commercial refrigerator just stopped working. If that’s the case, we’ll do everything in our power to deliver your unit within just a day or two. We can even do same-day delivery for an additional cost.

Will my unit be safe if left overnight?

Absolutely! All of our units come equipped with heavy-duty, turn-key locks, cameras that record and store footage of everything happening in front of your unit, and 24/7 monitoring. If your unit does experience an issue in the middle of the night, our emergency services can alert you right away.

At Cool It!, our goal is to make things easier for you. If you’re renting a walk-in freezer or portable cold storage, we can deliver it to your location and pick it up the moment you’re done. Cool It! uses the trusted services of Go Mini’s and is available 24/7 by phone.

Give us a call at (877) 960-1377 if you need more information about our walk in coolers or to place a rental order!